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Art Day

 فن الرسم ليس تصويراً للواقع لكنه انعكاس عنه ومساحة اللوحة لاتمثل عالم الشكل وأنما أبعاده المبعثرة في الألوان والخطوط ومساحة التضليل والبياض التي تخفي بين طياتها الضوء المسلط على الشكل لإبراز معالمه وقراءة [...]

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Farmer Day

هو من أجمل الاماكن فيه البساطه والجمال والهدوء والهواء العليل النقي والسماء الصافيه
نجد أهل الريف أناس يعيشون بسعاده وحب [...]

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At Al Manar Language School American Section we strive to employ highly qualified professionals and specialized teaching staff to deliver a superior curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 in a caring and supportive learning environment. [...]

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Tips and Tricks to Getting Students' Attention

Flower , Joomlavi

In the world of instant gratification and distraction one of the biggest challenges teachers face is getting (and keeping) their students' attention.

Being able to do this takes time and practice, but effective teaching requires it. Here are 20 attention signals to help get your students' attention. Plus: simple strategies to get them to hang on to your every word.

20 Attention Signals

- See more at: http://localhost/als/index.php/component/k2/item/9-tips-and-tricks-to-getting-students-attention#sthash.BrD1uMAS.dpuf
Tips and Tricks to Getting Students' Attention

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Be On Time

Be On Time 
Do you seem to be late for school a lot? Do people tease you about it? Being on time is so important for academic success! Learn to improve your reputation and your chances for academic success with these tips for being right on time--all the time!

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School labs

We have many of laboratories that help in the delivery of information naturally.

Modern ideas

Students who make the development of their ideas and their own skills and the school encourages them to do so.

Beautiful Activities

Our children build on the values and principles of the right in various social and economic fields.


School students develop skills in various languages Arabic, English and French and there coefficient phonetic.

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features amazing our School Why Choose Us?

We have several world records in the quality of education and modern ways of learning built on the foundations of a strong wonderful and infrastructure standards that the school also equipped with the most modern methods of technology education equipment school.

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We have a tremendous amount of students from different grade levels also have a group of teachers and a team working on the efficiency of good experience and there are many services provided by the school the presence of technicians and drivers.

Our services and what we done some about us

We seek to prepare our students to not only be successful in their academic pursuits, but also to be come successful members of the global community.


Individualism is one of the core values of the American Education System. We seek to help each student find their individual niche, develop it, and shine; be it if this talent is traditionally academic, or outside of that spectrum.

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About School

The school has always been keen on getting updated and improving its policies, strategies and approaches. So, the school is always keen on attending all the workshops and conferences that could improve the instructors, curriculum, management or even administrators.

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Al Manar School Ring Road Schools District 5  Phone: 002-01289734788  e-mail: admin@almanarschool. net


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