PRE-KG ADMISSION  2017-2018 American Section

PRE-KG ADMISSION 2017-2018 American Section

We would like to announce that the admission
for the Pre-K class for the school year 2017/2018

will start from 23/05/2017 to 31/05/2017 on the following conditions:
1.    Age Criteria: Pupils seeking admission to Pre K.G. should have completed minimum 3 years and 11 months of age on or before 23/05/2017.   
2.    Both parents must be university degree holders.
3. The application form has to be filled up and submitted with the following to be attached:
o. two photos of the applicant (child)
o. a Photocopy of the applicant’s birth certificate  
o. a Photocopy of the parents’ identification cards
o    . photocopies of the parents’ university degree certificates   
NB: The original copies could be required for verification.
An assessment will be made for the child in the American Section after which the child as well as his parents will be interviewed by the head of the school board.  You will be notified about the acceptance by the administration by the end of July.
•    For any inquiries please call 01124606651.
Best Regards
Almanar American Section Administration

  عن بدء التقديم لمرحله Pre-K   
ابتداءا من يوم 23/5/2017 الي 31/5/2017  
وذلك بالشروط الاتيه :
1    - السن لايقل عن 3:11 شهر ثلاث سنوات واحد عشر شهرا.
2    - حصول الاب والام علي مؤهلات عليا .
•    يتم ملء استماره التقديم مرفقا معها :
1    - صوره شهاده ميلاد الطالب
2    - صور بطاقات الاب والام وصور من مؤهلاتهم
3 - صورتين شخصيتين للطالب
•    المقابله الشخصيه مع رئيس مجلس اداره المدرسه للطفل والابوين بعد عمل تقييم للطفل في القسم الامريكي.


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